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 Buy or Rent to own


Our carports are made of strong 2.5" sq. galvanized steel tubing. Three roof choices are available; The regular roof (wrap-over edge) is the most economical and gains the most clearance underneath. For not much extra the A-frame (horizontal roof metal) offers a boxed eave for a more conventional look. The A-frame vertical roof metal is the best option especially if you are in areas that get a lot of snow. The metal ribs run up and down allowing the snow to slide off! Order any style, size, and color combination. Add sides, ends, or fully enclose it and make it a garage! 

 Small deposit required to order then balance due upon delivery. Rent to own also requires small downpayment to get started!

These are installed Prices!

18x21x6 Aframe 

18x21x6 Aframe vertical roof 

18x21x6 reg roof 

18x21x6 reg roof

18x21x6 Aframe horizontal roof

Stop by and check out our displays!

Prices include installation. Crews are typically 3-5 weeks out and sometimes longer during fall and winter months.

12x31x12 RV cover
18x21x6 reg roof
18x21x6 reg roof
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